Who are we

What is Enerjee? 

Enerjee is the new generation crowdsourcing platform for co-owned renewable energy assets. Enerjee sources, sponsors and structures clean energy investment opportunities. 

Enerjee’s mission

Enerjee’s mission is to create a new way of crowdsourcing renewable energy, enhance the profitability of impact investment by doing it the most community-centric way.

Enerjee’s vision

We are here to make the world greener, step by step. We will start by changing the way Albertans invest in renewable energy, in fact give them a new way never existed before. 

Enerjee’s values

Unity makes strength: our unity is our community we unify around social values.

Community first: we believe in democratization of community through decentralization. 

Easy green investment for everyone: whether you are a millennial or a baby bloomer.